Dott. Paolo Crotti

Dott. Paolo Crotti
Podere Giardino

Already at the end of the nineteenth century, great-grandfather Donnino raised dairy cows for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano. The farm was not very large and was integrated with another activity much loved by the great-grandfather, the cultivation of Lambrusco. The union between animal husbandry and viticulture has been handed down from father to son ... Over time the company has grown thanks to the contribution of every member of the Crotti family.

Podere Giardino is located in the fertile Reggio plain, in an extraordinary geographical position. This is where the best products are born, the result of the typicality of these territories and a passion lasting 365 days a year.

Preserving this natural and cultural heritage is a concrete commitment for us. We do it through the organic cultivation method, thanks to the direct producer-consumer relationship, opening the doors of our farm every day, sharing ancient traditions and always keeping up to date.

We think that respecting our land is the first step to love each other, The future of everyone also depends on us.

As Italian producers we appreciate and support the idea contained in the website.


06/07/2021 17:48