Gianluca Bisol

Gianluca Bisol
Presidente di Bisol 1542, Venissa, Vigna Major, Maeli

The Bisol company has a centuries-old tradition: our presence as winemakers in the Valdobbiadene area dates back to before 1542 and this tradition continues in my generation, which is the twenty-first. Today Bisol is an integral part of the Lunelli Group, the mission is the excellence of Italian drinking.

In the company, the focus has always been on the vine because the quality of a wine is made above all in the vineyard and the result is expressed in the "soils" of Bisol, a Prosecco Superiore DOCG that tells the variety of the Valdobbiadene territory and experiences all its nuances, because each label is the expression of a particular terroir and a specific composition of the soil: five soils for five olfactory peculiarities.

Over time we have managed to convey to the market all the quality and excellence of what we had behind us (our vineyards and our know-how, acquired over the years) and this has happened through a series of targeted actions; winning was the care of public relations, getting to know the opinion leaders and the world winelovers who can make the difference between one producer and another. We looked for them in the world with a magnifying glass to ensure that they could understand our quality and our effort in reaching the highest levels.

Our wines are the result of hard work on a difficult but extraordinary territory, of great beauty and suggestion, which we must strictly protect for future generations, as the previous ones did for us.

Recovery and protection of the territory and the vineyards, as we did by replanting, on the island of Mazzorbo, in the Venetian lagoon, the Dorona vine which has found a magical balance between a suitable soil and the continuous threat of salt and water and from which a wine with unique characteristics is born. In this magical place we wanted to create a paradise for wine & food lovers, with a starred restaurant, a contemporary tavern and 18 rooms. Equally interesting is the initiative on the Euganean Hills, where together with Elisa Dilavanzo I enhanced the peculiarities of an extraordinary territory from an environmental point of view, characterized by the highest concentration of flora in Europe as well as by a soil of volcanic origin.
And finally the Vigna Major project in Cortina D’Ampezzo, the highest vineyard in Europe, a challenge born 12 years ago together with two great experts such as Fabrizio Zardini and Francesco Anaclerio.

We have one of the most beautiful countries in the world in terms of art, history, culture, landscapes and quality of life. So I would like Italy to become the country of quality of life. Already today many dream of coming to Italy, but there could be many more; we must become the country that knows how to welcome better than all the others, and we must ensure that visitors are our first testimonials.

I therefore welcome the launch of the platform, which increases the knowledge of the entire food and wine chain and Italian hospitality throughout the world; a tool that contributes to enhancing products and territories, professionalism and ancient knowledge.

President of Bisol 1542, Venissa, Vigna Major, Maeli

06/07/2021 17:55